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The Tree and the Shark

Nature. Mother Earth. Symbols of grace and beauty.

As I sit and look out my window at a glorious tree rising up to the baby blue sky, poking through the summer rain clouds. I ponder and admire the trees height and breadth. In the process I realize that this tree reached it’s current state of grandeur by taking what it is given. Standing strong and routed in one place… the great observer grows. Ah, time yes, the passing of time serves him. He is old and wise.

However, consider a shark. Also part of nature, takes what is given him but has to work for it, he has to follow his food supply. Some would say the vicious underside to life. He horrifically devours his prey. Yada,, yada, yada…Death is Life and vise verse. So as to not demonize the shark or admire the tree over the shark but realizing both have a significant role in life.

Now, are you more like the tree or the shark?



Well, myself I would say 70% Tree and 30% Shark. Meaning, I now have a figure I can work with. For instance, my friend Joe says to me, “Jeremy, people don’t want to help you because you go after what you want and they feel surely this guy will concur the world!” Wow, what a statement. I want people to help me and I want to help them. We need each other.

So, that “Go after what you want” could represent the shark that will inevitably find it’s next meal. Sometimes after a great deal of effort. Except, I don’t want to work that hard. So, my mission is to lower my percentage of “Sharkness” to 20%.

Now don’t get me wrong. A shark is as important as the tree. There are some of you that read this and thought, ” Oh yeah, I’m a tree.” and maybe even held your chin a little higher, but look at your lives? How does the lack of shark in you effect your relationships? Are you submissive, do you often let people take advantage of you, do you get angry at yourself for not sticking up for yourself??? On and on.

If you stop and simply ponder what is right in front of you sometimes… even if it’s a tree out a window you can gain insight about yourself. It is ultimately a game of self enrichment, an evolution of the soul. Think in terms of percentages and not “Either or.” In other words, “I am this and I am that” and to what percentage of this or that am I, and how does that serve me on my journey to my higher self?

Just some personal thoughts on a rainy day. JB

What a long strange trip it’s been!

Think for a moment on modern popular music? Laden with mostly shallow interpretations of sex and love. Understanding that these things are popular because society perpetuates them. In many facets it is a means of escape, certainly not introspection. Music was a means of escape for me as well and when I no longer had a reason to escape I had to re-examine my relationship to it.

My struggle is to find that balance between pure expression and “purpose” of the expression. If the point of a sad song for example; is to emote how sad you are and thus attract to you all of those that are also sad, then you have gathered together a group of mutually sad people… awesome! Is this the desired response? To a certain extent I think it can be. Maybe they’ll download your song and share it with their sad friends and you’ll make a little money? BUT, looking a little deeper, now that we have this congregation of sadness why not use this is a teachable moment? Paradoxically speaking, if you were to say meet someone in their sadness and offer a ray of light then you would have dispersed the need for the sad song, and thus created it’s own end… to NOT be perpetuated and NOT sell thousands of copies. BUT you have created another avenue for another emotion, in another song. Eh, speculations… most of the music business is a mystery and I suppose that’s why I love it! Back to the point… (more…)

Stretching Sanity

Bodhisattva JesusSanity:
1. The quality or condition of being sane; soundness of mind.
2. Soundness of judgment or reason.
The first thing to be challenged when “awakening” is your preconceptions. Meaning the way you thought things were. For me it was seeing an unhealthy marriage for what it was, unhealthy and destructive. Second, was my beliefs in god and how the universe works. These 2 things basically defined who I was. It nearly drove me insane to learn the truth, and in doing so lost my sense of identity. If in reading this first paragraph you had an emotional response to the words awakening, god or truth, understand that where I walk there are no words to describe, so try to get past the terminology to the meat of the message.
Reality, like sanity too is simply a preconception. To walk where god wants to take me, I have had to walk beyond what I considered reality, which stretched my sanity. I thought I was losing my mind and quite frankly so did those around me. I found myself isolated in a world seemingly all my own and my only source was god. Doesn’t that sound like insanity?The fun part here is that things you believed as one thing now come back around, at first judgement you say, “Ah yes, I know this and I’m not going there again!” Except it looks the same, but it isn’t. Judgement has no place here, actually the exercise is to get us beyond judgement and into a place of trust. Yes, even beyond logic and pragmatism. Although, these tools are used, they take a back seat and don’t have the final word.

I have walked in the apostle Paul’s footsteps, shared the Christ Consciousness of Jesus and of Buddha. I have struggled with the ideas of blasphemy, messiah syndrome and the weight of the world on my shoulders as an over-inflated sense of purpose and responsibility. What made Jesus and Buddha so wonderful was that they knew where they came from and what they were tapped into. Many that would read this would call me an egomaniac or my personal favorite is sociopath or anti-Christ! It isn’t because I think that I am more, but because they think they are less. If everyone understood what I, Jesus and Buddha understood then they would know their own worth and my words wouldn’t seem so braggadocios.It’s a hard damn road to here. It stretches everything and leads you to a place where you understand that all you know – Is subject to change. There is no security here, not in the sense that most people understand it anyway. That security that most of us search for, doesn’t exist. It is knowing that god first and foremost loves you and the lessons you learn here, no matter how hard, serve to bring us closer to the mind or consciousness of god.

To walk here you have to move beyond pettiness, shallow ego and pride, finding offense and judgmental behavior. You have to have done and continue to do the emotional work of understanding your emotional responses and thought patterns. I have been criticized because I don’t go “out” and teach or create a classroom atmosphere. I feel that god will bring to me those that need to hear what I have to say when they are ready for it. Why? Because this path can drive a person crazy if given too much knowledge without the understanding, without the experience which leads to wisdom. I do not turn people away because I think I am better than them, it is because I know they are not ready!This walk is not for the weak, and if you choose this path, expect some lessons in having thick skin. Pie in the sky philosophy that says to simply think a different thought, or a more positive thought, simply evades the inevitable: To move forward you have to see the value in pain as much as in the joy. You have to move beyond the comfort and security and take risks. For gods sake someone had to step out of that fishing boat and out into the water and that is where life begins!

Righteousness, Exposed!

righteousnessRighteousness as a root of evil? Yes, the pursuit of righteousness creates division. Not that division is always bad, it too serves a purpose as you will see. One, it assumes a separation between you and god, and the need for you to move closer to god, and then you have to analyze your perception of who god is and who you are? Are your definitions and perceptions accurate, have you done the emotional work that leads to clarity? Probably not, because if you had you would have abandoned your pursuit of righteousness. Two, it places you above the evil doers that aren’t as righteous as you have become. Three, once you have achieved said righteousness you have to fight off an emboldened sense of pride and ego.

Now as many christians might say here is where the devil will attack you with temptations. (more…)

My war against Christianity?!

I am not at war with authority or christianity. I am at war with ignorance.
We as a society have been spoonfed knight soundbites that have left most of us unable or even the desire to dig deeper. He said, she said, we said and it is repeated as if it is so. Christianity doesn’t teach freedom, it teaches you how to lock your mind up and thus your view of god.  Although, the universe often teaches us through contrast, and eventually you will see the contrast between what you choose to believe and the fruition there of, if… you are looking for it?!

Anything based on the premise of fear, other than the most basic of survival instincts is a manipulation. “You are going to burn in hell if you don’t believe this!” Really? No. Governments argue an excuse to go to war by what? Making you fear what will happen if we do not. Simple, basic psychology, and yet millions of Americans buy into this crap daily. These things worked when we were children, but they don’t serve you now, let them go. (more…)

In the darkness

Human sitting silhouette in back-lit in tunnel exitThere are days that I am simply beat down and tired of fighting. Everyday of my life is a fight, it’s a fight to move physically and continue to do the hard work I do, it’s a fight to accept people in their fears and ignorance regarding the label society has placed on me and it’s a fight to simply be me. This is the point.

A thousand people say I am this or that. Some think I am a holy man, others think I am the antichrist. Some consider me a rock star while others know me as the guy that craftfully painted their house. Some see me as brilliant while others may see me as an ego maniacal fool.

When I first started recording music I used to doubt myself so much, and I would constantly ask those around me their opinions. I would take them in, make adjustments and continue to ask even more people their opinions. You see, everyone, no matter how good or bad the music was had an opinion. I tried hard to please them all, but then realized I could never make them all happy, so I stopped. I learned to trust my own judgements and talents and focused on pleasing myself. Much easier.

I find the same is true with my identity. I used to try to be everything for everyone and in the mix I lost myself… (more…)

A Government for the Sheeple

112_Sheeple__D_If I could convince you that you were a righteous person, on the side of god and well loved by god, would that be enough to sustain your sense of happiness for a lifetime, regardless of circumstance? If I could convince you that you were somehow more connected to god through having little than those that have a lot? i.e. ” It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of god.”

It doesn’t take a genius to see how the bible was a tool of manipulation. It’s easy to see how the Romans used religion to control the Jews, the catholic church to control the masses and how countless religious leaders used religious ideas to pursue their own interests, even war…

And yet we see these psychological traits in our everyday lives. We serve a system of government that is elitist, under the guise that it is “for” the people. The American government is as much for the “little” people as Rome was “for” the Jews. In as much as they could control them. Same ideas at play: Define happiness for them, give them a false sense of well being, righteousness and control. The people being happily pacified the government moves forward with their own agendas.

What makes anyone think that the psychological warfare from hundreds of years ago isn’t still employed today? (more…)


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