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The Monetary System: A Metaphysical perspective.

I have heard lately that the U.S. Government and (others) are planning to phase out $100 bills. How many of you remember $1000 bills? I remember once and can still picture 16 $1000 bills laid out across my bed. It was a pretty awesome moment and feeling actually.

Ok… understanding the relationship between color and energy, and the combination of things required for manifestation; you realize that the purposeful removal of all large sums of (Gold) removed, and replaced by a (Green) piece of paper… and yet silver is still (Silver)

In short, all of you psychic mediums out there that are running ads for transmuting energies into manifestation of resources; as represented by that which has given away it’s power (The Dollar Bill) needs to be replaced by a picture of a minor holding a large piece of gold.

By taking away the color association of money, the people cannot in a natural way produce wealth through spiritual development. Try this, try to manifest Silver, I bet you money (lol) that you will find lots of silver… everywhere. Doesn’t work with green paper folks.

These bills are ingrained in the american psyche.That literally represent wealth to us… and to the world. Where is all the gold, how has it been distributed globally and who has their purse strings attached to it? Those would be the one’s responsible for the psychological manipulation of the natural gifts of man and spirit. These that have literally stolen the natural evolution of man into spirit; to hold him in the place of (Silver)

Why get rid of the $100 bill?

Why get rid of the $1000. bill?

So as to minimize that which we can image possible.
I never thought seeing 16 $1000 bills on my bed was possible,
and at such a young age, late twenty…
but there it was!

How many in this current generation have visualized these things in their reality?
Not many of the young folks have had an experience like this. This is an act of manipulation to begin to teach our children to be satisfied and full in their small minded, small lives.

I see what you do.
Our father has opened the heavens to that which our mother will…
And your Great Mother is Pissed!

Your veil of deceit has fallen at your feet,
And you will stand in the place where those that have represented this energies before you; all of you will be brought lower to the place of which you have persecuted.
It is a spiritual principle; the collective will of wisdom. You will all have to go back and take the trip again, under the thumb of that which you have oppressed.

Our mother’s natural evolution.
And your crimes against the human race.

Two Fishes Media 2016

Schizophrenia: A Metaphysical Perspective.


A (1) psychotic (2) disorder characterized by (3) loss of contact with the environment,
by 4) noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as delusions), perception (as hallucinations) and behavior. Merriam Webster

Why this disorder is wildly misunderstood by the Psychiatric Elite?

It is first: A condition of the spirit, and thus must be treated from that standpoint. The psychological break of the mind is merely the symptom, not the basis for the condition.
Your higher education doesn’t teach this, this lies beyond your concepts of
what you believe the disorder to be. Your scientific power of deduction cant help you,
if you do not factor in that which you don’t know. The unknown.

(The Cia Director referring to the attacks on the World Trade Center as a failure of the government to be able to imagine a monster that frightening. A failure at large to imagine that which was greater than our capacity to comprehend. The unknown.)

Lets look deeper into our definition of schizophrenia:

  1. psychotic:

    Yes, this is manifested (out)-wardly as a mental disorder. It is the basis of belief upon which an individual builds all other beliefs being challenged by the emergence of the soul. These beliefs, not unlike that of a higher learning degree, reach the end of their usefulness and one must recognize when these “tools” become ineffective.

  2. disorder:

    Yes, disorder. The sensitive mind; a soul dying and struggling to emerge begins to manifest itself in any way to get our attention. When we know longer have the ability to listen and understand our soul, it makes itself known through our weaknesses> The physical manifestation. This cracks us open> The psychological break.

    Many patients that hear multiple voices are simply hearing the many expressions of the soul neglected or suppressed for a very long time. This is maddening, especially when those around you have defined this condition as outside what is considered “normal.” When in reality what is needed is an analysis of every voice, (often times many voices will be attached to one emotion or experience, find the dominant one and the others will become submissive) Where do the voices come from emotionally and where does it comes from in a spiritual/dimensional sense. We rebuild the soul by listening to what it is telling us and building a spiritual house of inclusion and cooperation, with respect to the base and the hierarchy that work in conjunction, accountable to one another to not only “normalize” ones soul, but to ultimately elevate it.

  3. loss of contact with the environment:

    We have all lost contact with the environment. Our lifestyles breed separation from nature and mother earth, as well as each other. Although millions are able to continue to live their lives despite this disconnection, the larger fear is that we have found a place of comfort apart from that which sustains us by devouring that which is weakest. Taking without giving back; An unbalanced, unhealthy relationship with all of our resources and surroundings. Metaphor: The Piscean Age.

    This one is huge because the human mind, body, soul needs to be connected to their “Mother,” she grounds us. She is gravity, she holds within her the electrical impulses of life, as do we. Without her to ground those electrical impulses of life, there is disorder, and this is a sign for us to get back to basics, to get back to the land> To reengage so that we can begin to emerge.

  4. noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life.

    You have fallen off the path of normal expectation. Many of these sensitive people are processing spiritual gifts (often given in traumatic circumstances in our brokenness) Fear and lack of understanding of said gifts, often times leading the patient to begin to self medicate with drugs and alcohol, in an attempt to silence these “scary things.” We are only robbing ourselves as a society of these emerging spiritual guides, by not recognizing them as the gift they are. In fact, they have been labeled as deficient. Which to contrast the sounds of popular voices screaming over the top of god’s voice: Sounds a bit like schizophrenic to me and is a spiritual condition from which we all suffer to differing degrees.

    To further exasperate the condition when seeking help; the medical field has now defined you and put you in a box of their understanding. These poor weak souls only seeking rest; rest in the knowledge that the medical field has given them, and thus accept treatment. Pharmaceutical drugs: Either heighten the experience or deaden the experience, both can have value if used as a tool to dig deeper… they are never a destination and prolonged use will only further entrench the mind in despair.

  5. disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as delusions), perception (as hallucinations) and behavior.

    Disintegration is what needs to happen to reemerge. Remember the old adage, “Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean you aren’t being watched.” Consider maybe,” Just because you are told that these things you see, or feel, or hear aren’t real as defined by another human being having an experience separate than your own; doesn’t mean they are not there. Of course they are there, but why? Why are they there. This is where the basis of questioning should begin. Again, all these things are manifest by the soul dying. If your soul has never experienced it’s own death then how, in all fairness can you possibly recognize this trait. It would be natural to try to explain these Phenom in a way that you, and those like you (general consensus) can rap your educated minds around.

    In closing, the patient holds all the clues to their own healing within them. Our job is to help them remember how to heal themselves. A Doctor should be aware and willing to be guided beyond their own understanding. Everyone is different, with a different set of circumstances. Labels are not helpful, in fact they further entrench the patients beliefs in them. Discernment is needed with the treating physician. Discernment of spirit(s) A willingness to be open and walk into the unknown.

    Defining “the unknown:”

    The place in which gods grace, wisdom and power are made tangible to us,
    as there is no one else there to teach us.

    (A good scientist finds those that know what he does not, to help create,
    and continually recreate these hypothesis’ until he has deduced them to their
    most simplest form.)

    Life, death and rebirth.

    Two Fishes Media 2016

Why Trump Won? A Metaphysical Perspective.

While Donald Trump is clearly the patriarchal picture of power in tangible evidence,
it is also very clear to those that are aware; that this “patriarchal power” has a knee bent honoring the new base of Royalty her majesty, “The Maternal Queen.”
Trump, is her knight in this realm.

Our friend Hillary, is the reflection/aspect of the “Maternal Queen,” that represents to us; Her (Us) having been suppressed by the maddening chaos created in the Piscean age. That of the unbalanced “Patriarchal Rule,” led by his pride apart from his heart apparent; which began almost instantly in a sea of blood. Obama represents this same archetype, in the earthly embodiment of the patriarch. As does Bill Clinton, although Bill has his soft aspects, hence his popularity with the women and the nation at large. He earned these soft aspects over time, through many battles… and so will President Trump. Leave room for the aspects of evolution to take form.

They also represent coming back from that suppression, rising above, impacting their world like a warrior… but, the war is over in the Realm.
A calm and more sensible, more “patriarchal” version
(as observed in alchemy) has emerged.

The “Wholeness” of Great Mother Goddess has taken in the reigns of the universe.

The Age of Aquarius is now gaining momentum at an incredible multiplying speed!

(The Piscean Age is a gift to our dear St. Germain to marvel us with.)

(And the Ascension of our dear sweet Jesus.)

Having caught herself back from the emerging transfer(s) of powers and finding herself now…

Fierce, yet without fear or malice, in loving harmony with all that is, and was,
at the helm, of the realm.|

And so it is. Shambhala. Welcome those of kind heart.

(Their is a new sheriff in town, the rules have changed.
Check yourself, catch yourself, adjust yourself and integrate yourself.
Move forward into our shared destiny. Harmonize.)7kh

<Meanwhile in a not so distant land,
Work on the “Mayor’s Bricks” is gaining momentum.>

Two Fishes Media. 2016


From the eyes of a “Sex Offender”

Recently, I observed the over zealous actions of a few tear down and slander one of the kindest, most loving and compassionate people I have ever known… over politics!

This is a lady that effects the lives of many, many people and is always a friend in your darkest hour. The ignorance to think that anyones political viewpoint is more important than this womens steller reputation as a healer only speaks to the spiritual condition of this age and what is deemed as “Important.”

In the face of this, one has to deduce that a man with the label of sex offender hasn’t got a snowballs chance in hell.

I have read your responses to the article on my recent arrest, of which I am not guilty.
I thank those of you that actually know me for your kindness. and for those that don’t:
I ask these few questions… if you can be bothered to actually dig deeper? (more…)

We are all human beings damn it!

We are all human beings damn it!

We are not just male, female, gay, straight, christian, muslim, black, white, alien, native, rich or poor… (more…)

Peace within an American Songwriter.

My musical roots lie deep in a river in S.C. I was the seeker, and my seeking led me to write worship music within my 20’s and 30’s, and thus my journey into organized Christianity, which left me cold and wanting. I judged the church harshly, as I felt I had been dealt down the river by people that didn’t even bother to know or understand me, but to simply file me away and the church turned it’s back. We have had these conversations here on my blog, where I worked out most of my own transformation through writing my experiences to you. Less frequently lately, more music..

I have long since become the observer. Last night I was reminded that one of my greatest gifts: Is the gift of Christ Consciousness. I can no more divorce myself from this consciousness than I can undo years of influence from Buddhas teaching… They are all an embodiment of my spiritual journey, which has been fire and ice… but then after many years the water cools the fire and melts the ice and we experience my current thaw. I had many beautiful experiences as a Christian and I have only recently experienced worship through music again. I loved it, like an old friend… or simply the prodigal son returns to his family. Don’t get me wrong I will continue to challenge conventional organized christian wisdom, but only in the search for a full and rewarding relationship with the universe, God, Jesus, Buddha… lol, Misty Dawn!

I will continue to write about and express my philosophies through music, blog and pictures. This is how I intend to lead, evolve and influence the whole of Christian Consciousness. Music is my protest and it is my peace! It embodies the yen and the yang, and the natural and spiritual things…

And I will continue to walk not to the left, or to the right… but the middle way.

Hello, I’m Jeremy.
Founding member of the Two Fishes Band.
Now, more music….

A sense of responsibility for the weak?

A sense of responsibility for the weak? I struggle with the “moral” idea that we must care for the weak. Granted, that is a broad stroke. I have been in “physical” pain most of my adult life, and I have had to find ways to keep going. Early on I used the prescription drugs I was given, and eventually abused them. Longer term it had an adverse effect on my emotional and psychological well being. I stopped taking them and had to find a place of acceptance for a certain amount of physical pain to balance me out. Realizing that I will never again be “whole” physically.

This opened the door for me to really examine myself. This was hard work, and it can’t be skipped. The paternal and protective side of me often wanted to shield those I loved from experiencing the pain of this journey. Ultimately what I found was that I created a dependence on me… not themselves, and not god, which eventually led to me carrying the burden for many. The idea that my physical back pain can be connected to the burden of carrying others is not lost on me. Sacrifice of self is often glorified, especially in a fatherly role, we can handle it… right? And the idea that many depend on you can be a good feeling, there is a certain amount of pride that comes with the role, but… is it ultimately to the detriment of others.

When a woman married to a good and capable man finds herself at his funeral unable to cope with the loss emotionally and still function in everyday life because these are skills shes never learned. She may lean on her children, but what if they too have been sheltered in the umbrella of this mans protection? They may find there way through together or they may not?

The struggle comes in here. As a man, what is my responsibility here? To be all things to all people and be remembered as a great man, who was very strong? Or as a teacher that dulls out protection as it is truly needed understanding that this is life and there is a certain amount of acceptance that there is going to be some pain? There will always be those in need, and what of those that continually choose not to grow and learn, do you carry them too… and when does that end? When your back is broken?

Being a leader is difficult, you have to make hard decisions. In my band I take up the role of the “asshole” because someone has to make decisions based on the vision of the whole and often times this means letting people go. Sometimes it means hurting them and watching them turn away from their dream to ensure the stability of the larger dream. The reality is that this rejection is minor compared to what will come, if they can’t handle this, they certainly will not be able to handle what will come later, especially if success comes.

I have experienced this rejection and understand it’s value, but it never stopped me.
It refined me. Refining is what we need as humans to evolve.

We need the experience of life more than we need to be protected from it.